Wildfire in Northern California is burning like hell.

The fast flowing wildfire attacked many people of a rural area in California and injured them also.

The fire destroyed many houses and also forced the residents to leave from there.

The Forest fire is known to be started from Roseburg Forest in Northern California.

The fire spread very quickly as the speed of wind is about 35-mph(56 kmph).

Drought was already harming the people of California but suddenly wildfire also came up.

According to Scientists, Climate change had become a big issue for the cause of dry land and wildfire.

Two different wildfires were also seen last week in the Southern California as well.

Firefighters were seen to make progress in slowing down thhe fire in the Southern California.

Seven firefighters were sent to the hospital as they suffered heat illness by imense amount of heat.

Let's hope that no other bad luck come to California in any other ways.

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