Many of the Americans don't know about why Labor day is celebrated so lets see why.

According to the US Department of Labor,  Labor Day was first celebrated from the 1800s unofficially.

A new bill was introduced to the public about Labor in the Oregon state in 1887.

Following Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York also started following bill from that year only.

During the 1800s Central Labor Union and Knights of Labor  are the two major problems for which they started parade protesting the matter.

During that particular time period every person can join the rallies but at their own risk only as people were getting fired after attending one.

The conventions finally became successful for which they started celebrating in the first Monday of every September.

In June 28, 1894, the Congress finally made the 1st day of September as a national holiday as "Labor Day".

Due to the Labor movement the jobs now a days got a maximum time of 8 hours per day.

However, May day and Labor day is mostly similar to each other and are celebrated both by the Americans.

Labor day is nothing but a holiday nowadays because no new unions are now present in the 20th Century.

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