Under Lori Lightfoot's Rule no one wants to enter CHICAGO.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot  criticized Texas Governor Greg Abbott  in her recent public conference.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott send loads of illegal migrants to Chicago.

About 70 immigrants were sent to Chicago through public transport earlier this week.

Not only to Chicago, Abbott sent immigrants to New York and Washington D.C also.

Johannes Favi, the program director of Chicago Immigrant Transit Assistance helped the immigrants to move safely.

Johannes Favi game the immigrants food, shoes as well as a temporary shelter also.

Most of the migrants that came to Chicago are from Venezuela.

According to the International Organization For Migration, about 6 million people left Venezuela for crisis.

The City of Chicago is known as "Welcoming City" but not in real life now.

Let's hope for the best to the migrants to get a way to live peacefully anywhere. 

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