Here are the Top 10 Tips to increase your Hair Growth as well as maintaining it.

1. You must avoid using hot water if you are facing the hair loss problem.

2. Yow must take good care of your Scalp while conditioning or shampooing your hair.

3. Try to eat protein based food like meat, fish, eggs etc which will eventually increase your hair growth.

4. After having showers, you should also blow your hair with a hair dryer which will maintain the thickness of the hair.

5. Try to trim your hair on a regular basis where the hair will seem a little bit odd.

6. You must brush your hair very gently. Rushing will lead to hair loss once again.

7. One of the main reason behind hair loss is Stress. So try to keep calm in every circumstances to decrease your hair loss.

8. Try to sleep on a silk based soft pillow which will help to maintain the hair growth during sleeping.

9. Don't use your shampoo too much. Try using oils also before showering which will toughen up the strength of your hair.

10. You can also look for a platelet-rich plasma treatment (PRP) if you are facing too much hair loss problem.

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