Thor: Love and Thunder is now available Disney Plus!

The Marvel Studies Film is now finally streaming online from 3 AM  today.

Disney is giving special deal offer of only  $1.99 for one month. 

The film was released in 7th July, ,2022 on the movie theater.

Thor : Love and Thunder was directed by Taika Waititi , who directed Thor Ragnarok also.

Chris Harmsworth portrayed the character Thor and Natalie Portman portrayed as Jane Froster in the movie.

The movie tends to become a comedy thriller superhero based movie which made it moderate.

The Movie got 6.7 imdb rating only.

Christian Bale did wonderful acting with his role "God Butcher"  in the film.

The movie is not that good as the previous ones that marvel studios made.

With Marvel entering the Phase 4 of the Sequence , many marvel fans are getting disappointment and leaving watching the movies.

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