The 8 coolest things that you can do with your Amazon Echo

When you're on a phone conversation and don't want to have to instruct your voice assistant to stop talking, they can be disruptive and irksome.

1. Turn off follow-up questions from Alexa

2. Turn off Alexa's Drop In feature

Drop-ins don't require you to "answer" the call like a phone call does: The speaker on your device has been used by your friend to speak.

Hacking laptop cameras and other webcams is a well-known technique for surveilling individuals; both governments and private hackers employ it.

3. Disable the camera on your Echo Show

It's one of my personal favorite features, because Alexa's parroting quickly gets on my nerves when I'm playing music  

4. Activate Brief Mode to get less chatter from Alexa

5. Control privacy and access settings for Skills

While you're looking at the Alexa Privacy page, another menu worth perusing is Manage Skill Permissions.

Turning off this function is definitely the best course of action if you don't like the thought of a real person listening in on your regular conversations with your Echo device.

6. Stop Amazon from listening to your voice recording

Have several Echo devices? In the Alexa app, you can group them collectively,

7. Multi-room audio

8. Swappable base

To separate the shell from the inside speaker, simply push up through the bottom. The interior speaker may then be fitted into any other shell you like.

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