PlayStation Director Masayasu Ito is retiring next month.

Masayasu Ito is also the director  Sony Interactive Entertainment.

On 1st October, he will be retiring from both his director post in the field.

 Masayasu Ito's place as a director and vice-president will now be replaced by Lin Tao .

According to Bloomberg, Masayasu Ito is going to retire due to his own choice of will.

Masayasu Ito joined the Sony Company in the year 1986.

In 2000, Ito was moved to Sony Computer Entertainment of gaming to make hardware  of the PlayStations.

Ito engineered and handled the PlayStation 4 which turned out to be a huge success.

PSVR headset and the PS4 Pro was also designed and made by him.

Ito and his team also made the PlayStation 5 with a lit design which is till now the best gaming console..

Masayasu Ito formed a new era to all the gaming console lovers all around the world.

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