Archaeologists discovered one of the largest Dinosaur Skeleton in Europe.

The first discovered part of the fossil was found in 2017.

The giant skeleton was found out to be about 82 feet long.

According to the Paleontologists , the dinosaur is known as Sauropod. 

The Vertebrates and hips of the skeletal dinosaur is found out to be 6.5 feet long.

Till now of today, these dinosaurs are found out to be the largest dinosaur off all time.

These 4 legged dinosaurs are mainly herbivores who has a long neck and tail.

According to the experts, these dinosaurs exists among the world about 135 million years ago.

The Giant Skeleton was found in Portugal of Europe.

The dinosaur is said to be from the Upper Jurassic Age period.

More digging and searching will happen in that area in nearby future.

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