Micky Dolenz filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the FBI.

He was the last surviving member of the band Group called "Monkees".

Micky asked the department of justice to retrieve the records that the FBI kept.

The Monkees band group was one of the best band of the 1960s who had 4 times No. 1 Albums.

The Group was investigated by the FBI due to the anti-Vietnam war activities in 1967.

During one of their concerts in 1960, The Monkees flashed images and messages prostesting about the war.

The FBI made the matter public in 2011.

According to the FBI the people present at the concert had a negative impact by seeing those images and messages.

A lifelong Monkees fan and Freedom of Information Act litigation expert, Mark S. Zaid  filed the suit.

Zaid also said that director of FBI in 1960s  J. Edgar Hoover Was infamous for monitoring the act.  

Many songs of the Monkees consists of anti war sentiments which also includes their popular single "Last Train to Clarksville". 

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