In anticipation of Tuesday's lottery drawing, a $1 million Mega Millions ticket was purchased in New Jersey. See next

Despite the fact that nobody won the top prize, the jackpot for Friday's drawing has increased to an estimated $410 million.

Five numbers on the lucky New Jersey ticket were correct, but not the Mega Ball. Later on Wednesday, representatives from the New Jersey Lottery will reveal where the ticket was purchased.

New Jersey Lottery officials will disclose where the ticket was bought later Wednesday. One other second-prize ticket was sold in Louisiana.

The Mega Millions lottery numbers, according to the Multi-State Lottery Association, were: 15-18-25-33-38, Mega Ball 25, Megaplier 2x.

One Match 4 + Megaplier winner in Arkansas received $1,000. Four $200 Match 3 + Megaball winners were made. There were three $400 winners of the Match 3 + Megaball + Megaplier.

The actual rewards after taxes are somewhat more than half of the overall jackpot, notwithstanding the lottery's promotion of different amounts.

The most recent jackpot win occurred on August 3 night, when a lottery player from Pennsylvania walked away with $206.9 million.

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