The ice sheet of Greenland will melt nearly 1 foot which is massive.

The melting of ice will raise the sea level in a massive amount.

According to the researchers there is no way to stop the ice from melting.

According to the journal, Nature Climate Change the sea levels can rise upto 10 inches. 

Rising of this amount is the same amount that sea had already risen the the last century.

Around 3.3% of the total ice ice sheet of Greenland is estimated to melt.

Although there is no specific timetable about the melting of ice.

Scientists said that the melting of ice can be now or between the end of the century.

When temperature goes up massive ice sheets can be seen melting.

Also if the ocean water becomes warm as well then there is massive probability that the edges of the ice sheet will also melt.

6 billion tons of water per day was already melted on 15th to 17th June this year.

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