TNT drama series Animal Kingdom releases its new season on 28th August..

This is the 6th season as well as the final season of the show.

Jonathan Lisco directed the drama and synchronized it pretty well.

The series was inspired from the Australian movie "Animal Kingdom" of 2010.

The Executive producer of the series are David Michôd and Liz Watts.

After the release of the final season the total number of episodes of the drama became 75.

The series is about a 17-year-old boy named Joshua "J" Cody  who moves in with their relatives after the death of his mother.

His relatives used to make money from various criminal activities.

Famous actor Finn Cole plays the actor of J Cody in the series.

Other Co-stars include Jonathan Lisco , Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman , Shawn Hatosy,  Ben Robson , Jake Weary in the series. 

According the series only  J and Deran survives the era alive while others turned out to be dead.