Ferrari 296 GTB comes to Rocket League  for the first time.

Psyonix released the new partnership with Ferrari on 31st September, 2022.

The car will be available in the Rocket League store an a bundle.

The bundle will consist of the car itself, the engine sound, the wheels, decals and the antenna also.

The bundle pack will be available for 2000 credits until 6th September.

Rocket League is still now one of the popular game in the ESports industry.

Rocket League got released in the year 2015 and as of today the last 1 month users are about 90 million.

Ferrari is one of the largest, successful and popular Car in the sports industry.

Ferrari targeted the Rocket league players for the promotion of their new model Ferrari 296 GTB.

Only before 7th Season of the Rocket League , Ferrari will be available in the store.

Rocket League is a gaming platform where people can play football along with their favourite obsessed car.

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