Famous horror game of the 90s may get a second chance

The remake of the game is coming after about 23 years.

The game contains a disturbing psychological horror story which makes it more frightening.

Silent Hill is one of the most hyped sequel horror game.

The famous sequel finally gets cancelled in the year 2015.

Silent Hill is mostly famous for its highly oppressive fog dynamics in the game.

PlayStation failed to render some of the details in the large environments, for which fogs were used that much.

Hideo Kojima also made a demo version of Silent Hill in 2014.

Fans became disappointed from the demo game for which Kojima totally cancelled the game.

In 2021, trailers of a new horror game got released which fans thought to be a part of the sequel.

Now again in 2022 an user named NateTheHate2 leaked some screenshots and told those to be a part of the new sequel.

For the time being Bloober Team is currently making progress with the remake of Silent Hill 2.

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