Edit button is finally coming to Twitter with a twist.

The edit function gained more attention in the wake of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, failing to acquire Twitter. He had argued in favour of an edit feature. 

To edit a tweet a person has to pay a certain amount for it.

A Twitter representative, Lauren Alexander, said “We want to make sure we get it right as this is our most requested feature to date."

According to Twitter, the editing feature is intended to reduce the stress associated with tweeting, particularly for people who don’t tweet as frequently. 

All Twitter users will be able to see if a tweet has been altered or changed. 

The service will initially only be accessible to Twitter Blue members, according to Twitter’s release. 

After a tweet is initially posted, users have 30 minutes to make as many edits as they’d like. 

According to Twitter, modified tweets will be clearly marked with an emblem, time stamp, and label.

Twitter stated the time restriction and version history features were essential. 

In its rollout, the business promised to monitor any “misuse” of the tool. 

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