Body of Eliza Fletcher found in Memphis after getting kidnapped.

Eliza Fletcher was a kindergarten teacher as well as a mother of two sons.

Eliza Fletcher used to jog a lot every day for maintaining her body fitness. 

But last week she did not came home after going jogging because she was being kidnapped.

It was seen from a surveillance camera that she was being forced to get into a SUV on Friday Morning.

A suspect Cleotha Abston has been arrested this weekend for involving in the Kidnapping.

Eliza was finally found dead in the Tennessee city which is about 7.5 miles away from where she was kidnapped.

Abston is now currently in Shelby County Jail with a ton of charges on his head about $500000.

DNA of the shoes that are found near the kidnapping site matched with Abston.

According to the investigators, Abston's Cell phone's location was also near the kidnapping site during the time of kidnapping.

One of the witness also said that she saw Abston in the Memphis before.

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