Battlefield Season 2 will come out on 30th of August .

The game will launch its new map known as "The Stranded " in the new update.

The new map  "The Stranded" brings players to the Panama Canal in the game. 

A new specialist was also added named Charlie Crawford who is a charismatic arms dealer.

The Character Crawford is basically a healer who would revive others and also can refill gadgets.

New weapons will also be available in the game named M60E4 and M16A3.

Many improvements and stability of the vehicles will be seen in the new update.

New player card tags will also be available for getting new things.

Optic attachments will now be available for all the weapons of 1942.

Angel’s Supply Crate can no longer be deployed with other objects.

New Concussion grenade will added to the game for confusing enemies.

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