Ashley Judd feels like she is involved in her mother's death.

Her mother Naomi died in April at the age of 76.

Ashley Judd's mother Naomi died by attempting suicide in her flat. 

Naomi was inducted to the country hall of fame the next day.

Naomi Judd had a mental illness which was in the worst condition.

Ashley told in her interview that the police that came to their house were not well mannered.

It was publicly known that Ashley's family used to fight a lot during the last phase of time.

Ashley and Wynonna Judd  told about her mother's death  publicly through social media.

Wynonna and Naomi reunited at the CMA Awards for a performance just before few weeks of her death. 

Naomi and Wynonna were about to go on a big tour together after 10 years.

Ashley also told publicly that how they will get out of the greif in thheir own ways.

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