Apple's new MacBook Air launches this Friday.

The new MacBook will contain Apple's latest and powerful M2 Chipset.

The Display is now slightly bigger(13.6-inch ) than the previous versions and also comes up with a notch.

The new design of MacBook Air also comes up with flattery edges 

The Camera quality is now upgraded to 1080P resolution.

Now the color variation are Starlight, Midnight, Silver and Space Gray.

The MacBook comes up with 3 ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack.  

The Starting range of the MacBook will be from $1,199. 

2 Tb SSD is also provided with the MacBook Air.

Compared to the previous MacBooks, this design is very thin and as well as light weight weight also.

The new product is made up with aluminum, Steel and as well as plastic.

Everything in the new MacBook Air is good but it is far more expensive than expected.

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