Apple's New AirPods Pro Earbuds will come finally!

Apple will launch the new model after they released the first model in 2019.

Apple will most likely launch the new AirPods Pro in the Far out event on 7th September.

The New AirPods will contain the same design as the previous one.

The new earbuds will have the next generation H1 processor  for better audio quality.

AirPods Pro 2 will now have bigger battery life compared to its previous.

According to leaks and rumors, automatic active noise-cancellation disabling may also be one of the feature of the earbuds.

Apple also worked on the new feature,  fitness-tracking function available via earbuds. 

The new AirPods pro will now be better than Sony wf-1000xm4.

The new model will most likely to have new hand gestures which could be a new feature.

More details can be known about the new Apple products on 7th September in the Far Out.

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