Apple Watch Pro CAD comes up with a new Design!

The new model has larger display than the previous models.

The Apple Watch Pro could possibly come with a display about 49mm.

On the event in 7th Sept. Apple producers could possibly talk about the new Apple Watch Pro.

According to the leaks the watch will contain very slim bezels .

As the model will be new in the market so new straps can also be seen in the Watch.

It is unclear that Apple's Series 8 Watch will also come with the same kind of design or not.

According to the design a button will be on the left side of the watch along with the speaker vents present.

According to reports the new model may now some some extra features in case of fitness tracking also.

Let's see if the new model can come up with larger battery life than the previous Series model.

The Chipset used in the new Apple Watch Pro must be very much stronger and sould give better performance also.

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