Andy Ruiz Jr. takes on Luis Ortiz on Sunday Night.

The fight will take place in  the Arena, in downtown Los Angeles, California.

The fight will begin at 6PM PST in September 4th, 2022.

The event will be live telecasted in the FOX Channel from 5PM PST.

Joey Spencer will commentate through the whole event along with other commentators.

Along wit the underdogs, Aleem will also face Plania in the evening.

Planis is one of the top fighter who beat Joey Spencer  in Top Notch Bubble competition.

Aleem's fight will be also on the same evening from 4PM PST.

In Premier Boxing Champions cards, Aleem won three fights back to back.

In the Press Conference, Aleem said this is his chance to show the world about what he is capable for.

Everybody is too much hyped for the fights of the Sunday nights and let's see who gets knocked out first.

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