Alec Baldwin finally reacted to Rob Schneider for SNL.

Rob Schneider said previously the SNL will be over soon.

During the recent conversation with FOX Rob told about the 2016 post-election cold open segment.

In 2016, Post Election Kate McKinnon performed Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" which doesn't make any sense.

According to Rob the incident was nothing but a comedy drama for the getting viewers.

The Video incident got about13 Million Views in YouTube platform.

Alec Baldwin is 17th time host of the SNL and also got starred in many political shows.

According to Alex Rob is a very good comedian who doesn't know where to express words.

Alex said the Rob Schneider knows only how to criticize people and get burdened them.

Rob coitized also the Former US President Donald Trump which is also noted to Baldwin.

Baldwin also said that all the episodes may not be good but it takes a lot of efforts to host the show.

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