2 People were killed by the deadly Wildfire in Hemet, South California.

Hundreds of residents of Hemet, South California had to flee from their houses due to rapid fire spread.

At 2 PM local time, the fire wildly spread in a very rapid way which turned everything to ashes in about 2000 acres area.

Firefighters of California had covered about 5% of the fire on Monday.

About 5000 homes were evacuated quickly after seeing the rapid fire spreading towards the city.

According to Cal Fire Department, the fire spread very quickly before the firefighters can come into the disaster.

Along with two dead people, another person is injured and are taken to the hospital for treatment.

According to Weather forecast, the temperature of Hemet City will be above  38 degree Celsius.

Schools of the city became closed due to the outbreak of the fire.

A week ago two other big Wildfire break down in Northern California also which destroyed thousands of homes.

California is going through a lot of pain and suffering as several wildfires are taking place consequently.

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