Due of Ian’s effects, school districts and universities announce Friday modifications.

GettyImagesDue of Ian's effects, school districts and universities announce Friday modifications.-1220016952

Greenville County: “Greenville Region Schools will have an eLearning day, Friday, September 30. Schools and places of business will be shut to the general population and movements of every sort, including athletic occasions and field trips, are dropped. The Locale’s ICE (Severe Circumstances Assessment) Group assessed the conjectures connected with Storm Ian, and the choice … Read more

How monster hurricanes are being rapidly fueled by climate change

This week, as Hurricane Ian made its way toward Florida, it quickly intensified, as six other storms over the previous six years had also done. The warming oceans caused by climate change, which gives hurricanes more energy to release through pounding winds and waves, is one of several causes that contribute to the shift. Climate … Read more