Former OCSA student alleges he was sexually assaulted by school founder

A previous Orange District School of Human expressions understudy said the school’s organizer, Ralph S. Opacic, physically attacked him nearby during the 2003-2004 scholarly year, as per a claim recorded for the current week.

The claim — recorded in Orange Province Unrivaled Court on Thursday, Sept. 22 against the notable instructor and the St Nick Ana Bound together School Locale — claims a “harmful” grounds culture permitted Opacic to “prey” on weak understudies. It was a grounds that encouraged “a religion like mindset that loved Opacic and his vision” among staff and heads, the claim says.

Opacic, the school’s pioneer and chief until his retirement in the spring, couldn’t be promptly gone after remark on Thursday.

St Nick Ana Brought together representative Fermin Leal declined to remark Thursday, alluding all inquiries to the school.

Former OCSA student alleges he was sexually assaulted by school founder

“Orange District School of Human expression (OCSA) has recently been educated regarding the charges against Dr. Ralph Opacic and the school has no remark right now,” OCSA representative Julia Gutierrez said in an email.

The Orange Province School of Human expressions is a profoundly respected public contract that offers exactly 2,300 understudies in grades 7-12 the potential chance to concentrate on scholastics alongside different expressions, including music, theater and dance, culinary examinations, composing, and computerized media.

The offended party, who currently fills in as an entertainer, joined the school in 2000, when the contract was simply getting its new balance in St Nick Ana subsequent to leaving the Los Alamitos Bound together School Locale.

Opacic, an ensemble educator at Los Alamitos High in the mid ’80s, developed what’s presently known as OCSA from an after-school program to an undeniable school. It took some spunk, neighborhood forces to be reckoned with, numerous gifts, and a high-profile engineer in St Nick Ana to arrange everything and rapidly, as Opacic and others portrayed in a 2010 YouTube video and a 2012 Register story.

In the claim and in a meeting recently, the now 35-year-elderly person depicted a grounds in which everybody, understudies included, comprehended that for the school to get by and flourish, it required givers. The suit claims, “the main fundamental stressed by the school was the need to safeguard the school and Opacic’s vision for OCSA.”

“This veneration of Opacic turned out to be supreme to such an extent that in any event, when bits of gossip about Opacic’s sexual contribution with understudies started to flow, the educators, personnel, and organization chose to disregard,” the claim charges.

In a meeting, the previous understudy said he was essential for the school’s five star in St Nick Ana. He picked OCSA to circumvent harassing at one more state funded school, and when he began at OCSA, he made progress in the performing expressions and the school felt like “home,” he said.

Yet, Opacic, the claim charges, had singled him out for “sexual prepping” in his lesser year, when he was around 17, with messages that were from the get go “prodding,” however at that point included “a more heartfelt tone.”

“At that point, I felt exceptional,” the previous understudy said in a Zoom call, becoming profound. “I felt as though somebody was seeing me. Furthermore, it’s hard. I felt maybe this individual truly thought often about me in a manner I was so anxious to feel around then as a youthful eccentric individual.”

Afterward, Opacic started sending him “physically express and improper messages,” as per the claim. Following quite a while “of physically preparing” the understudy, Opacic hauled him out of his set of experiences class and met with him in his seventh floor office, the claim charges.

Opacic shut the entryway behind the understudy and “started participating in casual discussion,” as per the claim.

“All through the short discussion, Opacic was squirming and continued peering toward the shut entryway. Opacic then, at that point, physically attacked Offended party. Offended party left Opacic’s office presently,” the claim says.

Following half a month of no correspondence between them, Opacic welcomed the understudy to meet him at a California Pizza Kitchen in Tustin Commercial center, where he asked the understudy “not to enlighten anybody concerning the rape,” the claim charges.

The St Nick Ana Bound together School Locale “knew or ought to have known, or was generally on notice, that Opacic played disregarded his part as a director and utilized his, key, influential place and trust following up for the benefit of SAUSD to get sufficiently close to kids, including Offended party, here and there SAUSD’s offices and grounds, which Opacic used to improperly contact, attack, misuse, and attack Offended party,” the claim says.

According to the region, the claim, neglected to “make sensible strides or carry out sensible defends” and sanction or guarantee “satisfactory arrangements and techniques” to safeguard the understudy and different kids.

Albeit the public contract is presently not under the umbrella of the St Nick Ana Brought together School Locale, the region is named in the objection since it fell under its purview at that point, said lawyer Brian Williams, an accomplice in the Costa Plateau based Greenberg Gross LLP firm addressing the previous understudy.

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In 2020, the school cut off its binds with the area, against St Nick Ana Bound together’s desires, and asked the Orange District Leading body of Training to take the school under its umbrella all things considered. The board conceded the free sanction school a five-year restoration under the Orange Province Branch of Instruction.

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