Ford increases the price of the 2023 F-150 Lightning Pro by $5,000 despite persistent supply chain issues.

Portage is raising the value of its base electric truck model, the F-150 Lightning Genius, by $5,000 as the automaker battles through waiting inventory network interruptions and rising information costs.

A day in the wake of delivering its September US deals report, which showed critical interest (+197.3% YOY) in the automaker’s electric vehicles, Passage says it will be raising the Portage F-150 Lightning Master costs, as per a report from Reuters.

Despite the fact that EV deals are rising rapidly, Passage has battled to stay aware of interest. Continuous store network issues (at first made by the pandemic and demolished through lockdowns in China) keep on being an issue across the business as automakers competition to fulfill the developing need for electric vehicles.

On Portage’s second-quarter profit call, CFO John Lawler cleared up for Bank of America’s John Murphy:

The expansion that we’re seeing, that will keep on going through. What’s more, that’s what we’re seeing, in all cases, you know, from material expense, cargo, fuel costs, and so forth. In this way, we see that proceeding, and that is up.

And afterward again this previous month, Passage affirmed it was all the while battling with parts deficiencies and further inventory imperatives.

Like a large part of the car business, Portage has progressively been inclining toward preorders for its electric models, encouraging repressed interest.

Be that as it may, it isn’t simply the cost of electric vehicles going up. Better quality gas models are likewise getting cost expands because of the continuous lack of semiconductors. What’s more, Portage isn’t the only one inclination the impacts. Different automakers, like Rivian and Tesla, have additionally raised costs.

Stellantis Chief Carlos Tavares likewise said in a meeting with French paper Le Parisien on October 2 that he anticipates:

The [semiconductor] circumstance will remain exceptionally convoluted for the rest of 2023, then will facilitate a bit.

Considering this, Passage returned orders for its well known F-150 Lightning in August, raising the cost across all models by $6,000 to $8,500. The automaker is raising the value of its base model, the Passage F-150 Lightning Expert, again today.
The most reduced estimated Portage F-150 Lightning, the Genius trim, will presently be $51,974 contrasted with its past cost of $46,974, as indicated by Reuters.

In the interim, Portage’s representative says the people who have proactively planned their request won’t be impacted by the climb, including government and organizations clients.

Passage says it will keep observing the value of its 2023 F-150 Lightning going ahead.

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