Apple Watch Pro to have exclusive bands and faces for extreme sports

The business is anticipated to unveil the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, AirPods Pro 2, and a brand-new Apple Watch Pro geared for extreme sports enthusiasts at its special event, “Far out,” in less than 48 hours. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple has now created unique bands and faces specifically for the new Apple Watch Pro.

Apple Watch Pro

Gurman recently tweeted that a “new collection of bands for the Apple Watch Pro will be quite wide ranging and play into the extreme sports motif.” In other words, customers who decide to purchase an Apple Watch Pro will have access to a new selection of watch bands designed just for the device.

Although the actual design of these watch bands is unknown, Apple may use a strategy similar to that of the watch bands developed in collaboration with Nike. Apple also offers bands for Apple Watch models designed by Hermès. It’s important to remember that Gurman has stated that although worn-out watch bands will function with the Apple Watch Pro, they won’t fit perfectly.

The journalist also thinks that there will be brand-new watch faces created especially for the Pro model that would provide users with voluminous fitness information. If accurate, this would not be the first time Apple created fresh watch faces for a particular Apple Watch model.

For instance, the Nike and Hermès watch faces, as well as the “Explorer” watch face, are exclusive to the cellular versions of the Apple Watch.

Design Of Apple Watch Pro

Today’s early leak of a CAD rendering showed the probable look of the Apple Watch Pro. The new Apple Watch sports a larger 47mm casing than the current models and a flat screen without curved corners. However, in contrast to earlier rumours, the Apple Watch Pro’s case isn’t flat. One more new side button was also visible in the rendering.

Apple Watch Pro

Gurman claims that this new button is “programmable” so that the user can assign it to perform various tasks, such as opening a certain app, beginning a workout, or performing any other task within an app. Although it appears quite different from the one on current Apple Watch models, the Digital Crown also looks quite different. It is unknown if this will enable any new software features.

Titanium construction is anticipated for the Apple Watch Pro. The device should be more accident-resistant as a result of this and the flat screen.

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Apple Watch Series 8 and SE 2

Apple has been developing two further new Apple Watch models in addition to the Apple Watch Pro. The Apple Watch Series 8 is anticipated to succeed the Apple Watch Series 7 and will maintain the same size, shape, and internal components as its predecessor. The installation of a new body temperature sensor will be the primary difference in this year’s model.

The second-generation Apple Watch SE, or Apple Watch SE 2, is anticipated to have a speedier processor while still maintaining the same design and sensors as the current model.

It’s interesting to note that a last-minute rumour claims Apple will introduce a new Apple Watch model aimed at kids and teenagers that is “cheaper than the Apple Watch SE.” Perhaps the business intends to keep the original Apple Watch SE around as an even more affordable option.

On September 7, Apple will have a special event, and you can follow complete coverage of all the announcements here on 9to5Mac.

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